Model : Ekaterina Berdysheva
Actress/dance/model, Russia
Shoot theme : Vogue in the Jungle
Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh, July 2023
Model : Anna Solomkina
Contemporary dancer, Russia
Shoot theme : Poetry in motion
Goa, May  2022
Model : Catherine Demidova
Entrepreneur , Model
Shoot : Calendar Shoot 2020.
Goa, India
Model : Diana Krauss
Chef and food stylist , Switzerland & Germany
Shoot theme : One with nature / the mystique goddess of nature
Goa, Jan 2020
Model : Saraji Santarelli
Photographer, traveler and an inspiration, Italy madly in love with India
Shoot theme : A window to the soul
GOA , Jan 2020
Model : Echo Morgenstern
Rapper and producer, Israel
Shoot theme : Hip hop
Goa , Jan 2020
Model: Tatyana lyakhova
A hula hooper, dancer and traveler, Russia & france.
Shoot theme : Artists help artists grow
Goa, Jan 2020
Model: Yfat Levin
Sound designer, Israel,
Shoot theme : Special jewelry made in Banaras
Goa, Dec 2017.
Model : Imaya Sabine, Amsterdam
 belly dancer and a spiritual healer
Shoot theme : Shiva Mudra
Goa ,Oct 2017
Model : Tanya Melime, Ukraine
Shoot theme : Boho girl
 Goa, Feb 2018
Model: Vanshika Bansal
Vanshika adapted a zero waste living and intends to influence the world to stop creating waste which affects the planet, This shoot to show her zero waste lifestyle
February 2018

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